In-Person Work

What’s involved

In-person (face-to-face) counselling simply means that we meet together a number of times to talk about whatever issues you want to discuss. If you are looking for help with something very specific, such as making a speech at someone’s wedding, you will probably find that you only need about three sessions with me. For broader or more deep-seated issues the work will naturally take longer, and this is something we can discuss when you first come to see me.

We will also talk about the various different approaches that I can offer; I will make some suggestions about what may be helpful, and then you can choose the approach that you prefer. My basic principle is that we are working together to help you tap into your own resources for change, and I will always respect your preferences and choices.

The practical bits

My address is in Stratford, east London, which is very accessible by train, tube, DLR and bus; full details are on my Make Contact page. My normal counselling room is upstairs, but we can work on the ground floor if stairs are a problem for you.

And if you’re not able to come to see me (for instance if you suffer from social anxiety disorder), or if it’s more appropriate for us to meet in your home (perhaps if you’re wanting help with a bereavement), then it may well be possible for me to come to you. If you’d like this, please contact me to discuss what I can do.

I am available mainly during the daytime (including early mornings) on weekdays; unfortunately I don’t have much evening availability and I don’t work at weekends. Sessions are usually once a week, but they can be more or less frequent than this and they don’t have to be at the same time every week. Each session generally lasts an hour, and I charge between £15 and £60 depending on your circumstances.

Most clients pay in cash at the beginning or end of the session, but if you prefer you can pay by bank transfer or online on my Online Payment page. If you need a receipt, just let me know; I record everything on a spreadsheet and I can always let you know what you’ve paid and when.

Getting started

If you are ready for some kind of positive change in your life, and you think what I’m offering may be right for you, please contact me for an initial chat over the phone.

I’ll be happy to talk on the phone for as long as you need to help you decide if I’m someone that you’d like to work with. And if you’d prefer to meet face to face, you’re welcome to book an initial session without any obligation to continue. Because it’s not just my skills and knowledge, but also how you and I get on as human beings, that is key to helping you make genuine life changes.

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